Business Continuity Plan

As the world is trying to navigate the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, there are a number of measures that organizations need to adopt in order to ensure their business continuity.

Here are a few Covid-19 business continuity plans that we follow in our organizations to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

How We Are Prepared As A Business?

Prioritize Employee Safety

Ensuring the safety of our employees has been our priority. As a part of this, we expand our remote work arrangements that allow our employees to work from their homes safely. We have even initiated a lot of employee well-being schemes, and policies that support and ensure a safe work environment for our employees.

Reshape Business Strategy to Ensure Operational Continuity

Our team of consultants leverage chat, voice, video, and other collaboration tools to ensure the ongoing operation of business service. We even set up emergency action plans and allotted memory tools and resources as a part of emergency preparedness. We can even set up a response team who are available 24/7 to ensure continuity of the client's operations.

Manage Cyber Risks

We ensure that all the operations are executed 24/7 remotely. We have implemented policies that ensure confidentiality and protection of data to carry out work securely when out of the office.

Proper Communication with Clients

We do timely and transparent communications with the clients about the activities we are carrying out. In case of any short disruption of our service, we will properly communicate with the clients and keep them informed about it.

Hashroot is committed to providing our clients with regular updates. We express our gratitude to our clients for keeping trust and understanding us at this time and we stay focused in offering the highest level of services to our clients, while working together to overcome the risks associated with COVID-19.

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